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Follow this link to access the WIKI page we are going to be using:


The return of the cool wall!

It’s time to bring back an old favourite, the ICT Cool Wall!

Click here to be taken to the new online coolwall!

Typing Practice

FingerJig Game



Legoise yourself

Hi folks, here is a link to a lego character creator you can use to make an image of yourself.


You can upload different pictures for the background and there are lots of options to play about with.

S2 DTP Homework

Follow this link to watch the Working with MS Office video

Once you have watched this video add a comment to this post to say that.

S2 Guitar Hero Gig S2B

Beastie Boys no sleep till brooklyn – James on Drums, Cameron on Bass and Donnie on Lead.

Coldplay Shiver – Gemma on Drums,Chris on Bass and Rory on the Lead

Credence clear water revival – up around the bend – Donnie on Drums, Cameron on the Bass with Ross on Lead

Find out when the song was recorded and who wrote it as this will be useful for writing the report