Software & Links

Below you can find a link to some free software we make use of in the computing department:

OpenOffice (Mac and PC) / NeoOffice (Mac only) (General Purpose Packages)

Adobe PDF

Scratch (Programming/Control/Animation) (PC or Mac)

Audacity (Podcasting and audio recording/Multimedia)

Amaya (Web Page Creation)

GIMP (Graphics Editor, Mac or PC)

Firefox (Web Browser) (PC or Mac)

Picasa (Photo Editing on a PC/Multimedia)

Links CAD and CAM – Examples of Computer Aided Design and Manufacture (design your own trainers) – Robotics game – Create your own comic

Standard Grade Computing Studies – Bytesize Revision

Cisco Binary Game – Binary Games

Web 2.0 resources

Gliffy – Create structure diagrams, flow charts and professional looking plans

Wallwisher – Online post it notes

Etherpad – Real time word processing collaboration, multiple users – one document


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