Robot News

Here’s a great little video showcasing robotics as musicians and climbers!

Video GameE3 2010Robot News

Standard Grade Computing Studies WIKI

this is the address of the SG WIKI:

This WIKI will be used by all students studying Standard Grade Computing Studies. Down the left hand side a note of all topic pages can be seen, this will start to be built up over the course.

There is a discussion forum which can also be used for asking questions or discussing topics from the class.

It is hoped that over time this will become a valuable resource for all computing students.

Augmented reality

Check this out as an aplication for augmented reality.

S4 Expert Systems

Lookup the expert systems in the textbook and make some notes on them here:

S4 Automated Systems – Robots

Light Bot game – This is a link to a simple game to show you how to program and control a robot. See how far you can get.

S4 Automated Systems – Dreaming in Digital

S4 are currently studying automated systems and as part of this topic here is a link to the video Dreaming in Digital. – Part 1

The new term

To start off this term here is the program for the computing pupils:

  • S1 will be looking at comic brush and digital photography
  • S2 will be looking at the school E-mail system
  • S3 are going to be continuing with programming for now
  • S4 are going to start the project and prepairing for their prelim in December
  • Higher and Advanced higher pupils will be looking at Software Development and Peripherals

More information will be available on these activities soon.