Typing Practice

FingerJig Game




S1 Homework – Typer Shark

Your homework for this week is to play typer shark and post your best scores here.

Click here to be taken to the game

Legoise yourself

Hi folks, here is a link to a lego character creator you can use to make an image of yourself.


You can upload different pictures for the background and there are lots of options to play about with.

S2 DTP Homework

Follow this link to watch the Working with MS Office video

Once you have watched this video add a comment to this post to say that.

S4 Automated Systems – Robots

Light Bot game – This is a link to a simple game to show you how to program and control a robot. See how far you can get.


S4 Automated Systems – Dreaming in Digital

S4 are currently studying automated systems and as part of this topic here is a link to the video Dreaming in Digital.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOzw0qil0gQ – Part 1

S1 Red Eye Picture

Click on this link to load the red eye picture.


Save it to the desktop
Load it into iPhoto

Once in iphoto you will crop it, remove the red eye and retouch the photo.