Standard Grade Computing Studies WIKI

this is the address of the SG WIKI:

This WIKI will be used by all students studying Standard Grade Computing Studies. Down the left hand side a note of all topic pages can be seen, this will start to be built up over the course.

There is a discussion forum which can also be used for asking questions or discussing topics from the class.

It is hoped that over time this will become a valuable resource for all computing students.


S4 Expert Systems

Lookup the expert systems in the textbook and make some notes on them here:

S4 Automated Systems – Robots

Light Bot game – This is a link to a simple game to show you how to program and control a robot. See how far you can get.

S4 Automated Systems – Dreaming in Digital

S4 are currently studying automated systems and as part of this topic here is a link to the video Dreaming in Digital. – Part 1