The return of the cool wall!

It’s time to bring back an old favourite, the ICT Cool Wall!

Click here to be taken to the new online coolwall!


S1 Wallwisher

Here is a link to the class wallwisher that you all signed up for today,

Here is a link to the Wallwisher page for Inveralmond Community High School in Livingston where I would like you to add a post to describing today’s weather in one word! (Only one word)

Internet Safety

Add notes to this Etherpad on viruses

S1 and the weather

A number of the S1 have said that they know of good websites for forecasting the weather, please add them here as a comment.

Work for Tuesday 12/01/10

Happy New Year everyone!

Hopefully you all made it in safely. Here is the work for you all today.

S2 – using the scratch booklets beside the computers have a go at making the splat the cat game

S3 – complete the spreadsheets and databases questions using practice papers on this page.

Save a screenshot to your server

S4 – as above for s3 but complete the communications and webpage questions.

Practical Technologies – continue on with the scratch booklets.

GHS’s Krypton Factor


For the mental agility task in this year’s Krypton Factor you are to complete the game Phit.

Click this link to play the game.

12 Geeks of Christmas

This week S1 will try to make a modern twist on the 12 days of Christmas with the 12 Geeks of Christmas. Click on the link below for more information on the task: